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USED Violin Family​ Instruments

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

USED 1966 E.R. Pfretzschner 4/4 violin Stradivarius copy made in Mittenwald, West Germany. One piece back, rosewood pegs, four fine tuners. A few nicks and dings, but nice set up and a good player. Includes case and two bows. $295

USED John Baptiste Schweitzer 1816 4/4 violin Amati copy, probably German-made c. 1900. High arches. Set up well. Includes case, two bows (one functional, one in disrepair) and shoulder pad. (Was $595) Now $449

USED Nicolaus Amatus 1/2 size violin Probably German-made, early to mid 20th Century. Nice set up with rosewood pegs and fine tuner tailpiece.​ Includes vintage hard case in nice shape. $175

USED C. 1900 Jacobus Stainer 4/4 violin Factory made Stainer copy in very nice condition. Highly flamed maple, Thomastik-Infeld fine tuner tailpiece. Includes case. $325

USED c. 1910 Ole Bull 4/4 violin Deep arches, highly flamed maple back, sides and neck. Very nice condition with some good repairs. Includes old coffin case upgraded with nice plush padding. $225

USED Florea Prodigy 1/2 size cello outfit Excellent student cello, satin finish, flamed maple back and sides, new bridge and soundpost. Very nice condition and set up very well. Includes bow and padded bag. $249

USED 3/4 Stradivarius copy violin Made in Germany, probably in the 1990s. Tightly grained spruce top and highly flamed maple back, sides and neck. Four fine tuners. Fresh set up. Includes nice featherweight case. $175

USED 2001 Franz Hoffmann Caprice 4/4 violin outfit Ebony fingerboard and tuning pegs, rosewood chin rest, fine tuner tailpiece. Excellent condition. Includes case, rosin and new horsehair bow. $125

USED Johan Carl Kloz 4/4 violin Mittenwald, 1790. Repair label dated 1861. Factory-made instrument in overall nice condition and set up well. Includes good vintage case and worn bow. SOLD

USED 1992 Suzuki 3/4 size violin Excellent condition. Includes case. $149

We carry a selection of genuine horsehair violin bows in sizes from
1/4 to 4/4, starting at $29

From time to time, we have decent used and vintage violin cases.
Please contact us with your needs.

USED Oxford 1/4 size violin outfit Excellent condition, includes case, bow and rosin.​ $110

USED Frich Pfretzschner 3/4 violin outfit Spruce top, maple back and sides and four fine tuners on tailpiece. includes case and bow. Excellent condition. $110