USED 2017 McNally strumstick (Made in U.S.A.) By far, the easiest of all stringed instruments to play. All solid woods, spruce top, mahogany neck and sides, maple back. A variety of tunings are possible, but DAD (dulcimer tuning) is the most common. Like new condition. Includes padded carrying bag, instruction books and songbook. $169

Other Instruments and Equipment

NEW Blues King Harmonica 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Plastic comb, single brass reeds. Includes sturdy plastic carrying case ans cotton cloth. Available in keys: A, C, D, E, G  $5.95 

USED Gibraltar drum throne with backrest Excellent, like-new condition. SOLD

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

NEW Grover Metal Kazoo Individually packaged. $3.95

Fun and Novelty

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