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USED Dean Markley K-20 guitar amplifier ​Tan cabinet, 15 watt, ​1 x 8, overdrive switch, volume, treble, mid and bass controls, line out and headphone jack. Excellent. ON HOLD

USED Fender acoustic/electric mandolin

USED Behringer AC108 Vintager guitar amplifier ​Solid state amp with a preamp tube. 1 x 8, 15 watt, clean and overdrive channels, volume, treble, bass and gain controls, CD input and headphone output jacks. Excellent. SOLD

USED 1924 Vega tenor banjo Wonderful combination of a 1924 Vega Style F pot (sn 70555) and a 1924 Vega Style N neck (sn 69121).

17 fret, 21" scale, 10 15/16" rim, new Renaissance head, freshly ebonized fingerboard, modern No-Knot tailpiece. Nice overall condition with superb set up. $275

USED 1990s Hondo resonator 5-string banjo Aluminum rim with integral flange, mahogany neck, guitar-style tuners, new top frosted Remo head and set up. Excellent player. $149

USED Peavey Rage 158 guitar amplifier ​Clean and overdrive channels, 1 x 8, 15 watt, low, mid and high controls, CD/tape input, headphone jack. Excellent. SOLD

USED Upgraded 2013 Squier Deluxe Telecaster electric guitar ​Upgraded with  Fender Custom  Shop Texas Special pickups and USA Fender selector switch and pots. Near mint condition. Includes hard case. Now $249

USED Canvas CMF electric guitar ​Two humbucker pickups with 3-way selector switch, volume and tone controls, maple bolt-on neck. Excellent condition. Includes gig bag. $149 ​​

USED 1994 Fender Duo Sonic electric guitar ​MIM reissue of the 1950s-'60s Fender classic. Nearly 23" scale, maple neck, two single coil pickups with 3-way selector switch and master volume and tone controls. Excellent condition, fresh set up. SOLD

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