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USED Galveston electric bass Short (30") scale, light weight, easy to play entry level bass in super condition. Maple neck, metallic gold-colored body, volume and tone controls, black strings and easy, low action. Includes gig bag.​ $125

USED c. 1930 Kalamazoo model KJ mando bass Made by Gibson in their Kalamazoo factory. Tuned EADG, just like a standard bass, the scarce mando bass is the lowest pitched member of the mandolin family of instruments, and is an indispensable member of the mandolin orchestra. This nice, original example is in superb condition structurally, cosmetically as well as with regard to its playability. The scale length is 42.5", the width is 24" and the depth is 5.5". These Gibson-made f-hole models are especially scarce and have bracing that is superior to the Gibson-made mando basses with with round soundholes. Includes a well padded, custom made gig bag, the stand pictured and an extra set of strings. 


USED 1943 Kay 3/4 upright bass (sn 10999) Recently overhauled, structurally sound and set up very well. Black finish, adjustable bridge, LaBella black nylon strings, new endpin. Includes newer padded gig bag and an extra set of strings.​​ ON HOLD

USED 2007 Squier by Fender P-bass package Bass is sapphire blue with white pickguard, maple neck, volume and tone controls. Rumble 15 amplifier has volume, bass, mid and treble controls as well as CD and headphone inputs. Includes padded Fender bag,cable and strap. Near mint condition with excellent set up. $249


USED One-of-a-kind Custom Fender Mustang electric bass  Combination of a 1969 Mustang neck (and tuners) and a 1980s (?) Mustang body. 30" scale. Original custom airbrush art work on reverse and leopard appliques on front. Great set up with flatwound strings. Includes 1960s Fender case.​ $749

USED 1948 Kay M1 3/4 upright bass (sn 17610) Much restoration work has been completed on this bass, which include resetting neck and reinforcing neck/body joint, restoring tuning machines, refitting bridge and much more. Set up with Thomastik strings. $1850  

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.