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We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

NEW and USED Amplifiers

NEW AXL AAG30 combo amplifier 30 watts, Powerful and lightweight. Clean and overdrive channels, controls for gain, volume, bass, mid and treble, CD input and headphone output. $79.99

USED Guitar Research VL-20  amplifer ​Clean and overdrive channels with gain, volume, bass, mid and treble controls, footswitch and headphone jacks. Very nice condition. $59

NEW RMS RMSAC40 acoustic guitar amplifier ​40 watts, 10" woofer 2" tweeter, two channels with separate volume control. Channel one: 3-pin mic input, 1/4" line output, CD input, Volume control. Channel two: 1/4" guitar input, Active/passive electronics selector, Volume, 3-band EQ with mid frequency control, Reverb ON/OFF and Reverb control, Chorus ON/OFF and Chorus control. Effects loop (Send/Return), Line out, Power switch. $189

USED 1971 Fender Twin Reverb combo amplifier

Silverface, black tolex. 100 watts, 2 x 12. Includes original footswitch, owner's manual and schematic. Nice original in super, near mint condition.  $1250

USED Crate CA6110DG Gunnison acoustic guitar amplifer ​60 watts, 10" high fidelity woofer and special coax tweeter, two channels, auto feedback elimination circuit, 16 digital effects with level control, RCA CD/MP3 input. Includes footswitch. $159