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We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

USED Upgraded Peavey Classic 20 combo amplifier 1 x 10 Weber 10A125 Alnico speaker, upgraded tube sockets and wiring. Excellent condition.​​ $449

NEW and USED Amplifiers

USED Fender Reissue '63 Reverb unit Replica of the original 1963 Fender tube reverb standalone. All tube circuitry. Dwell, mixer and tone controls. Excellent condition. $425

USED Fender EC Vibro Champ tube combo amplifier Tweed cabinet, 4 tubes, 5 watts. Tubes are new and amp is in near mint condition. Includes nice foam-padded cover. $795

USED 1964 Fender Transitional 6G6B 50w Bassman Piggyback amplifier Scarce transitional model, with brownface circuitry and cosmetics with a black faceplate. Blonde tolex,  2 x 12, 2 channel - volume, treble, bass controls for each and presence control. Works great. SOLD

NEW RMS RMSAC40 acoustic guitar amplifier ​40 watts, 10" woofer 2" tweeter, two channels with separate volume control. Channel one: 3-pin mic input, 1/4" line output, CD input, Volume control. Channel two: 1/4" guitar input, Active/passive electronics selector, Volume, 3-band EQ with mid frequency control, Reverb ON/OFF and Reverb control, Chorus ON/OFF and Chorus control. Effects loop (Send/Return), Line out, Power switch. $189

USED Blackstar HT-5R 5-watt tube combo amp  1 x 12, clean and overdrive channels, digital stereo reverb, 4-band EQ on OD channel. Lightweight and in like-new condition. $329

USED Behringer V-Amp 3 virtual guitar amplifier (Multi effects processor) Emulates over 30 amps, 15 speaker cabinet emulations, and 16 effects modes, offering thousands of possible tone combinations, 3-band EQ, 125 memory locations and much more.​ Includes AC adapter and headphones. $69