We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

NEW and USED Amplifiers

USED Marshall AS50R acoustic guitar and vocal amplifier 50 watts, 2 x 8, two channels, each with volume and bass & treble controls, clean, phase, notch filter, effects loop, reverb, chorus. Like-new condition. SOLD

USED Mesa Boogie F-30 combo amplifier ​Made in U.S.A. 30 watts, 1 x 12. Two channels with independent gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb & master controls per channel. Record / headphone output. Near mint condition. Includes cover. $625​​

USED Ultrasound DS4 acoustic amplifier ​50 watts, 2 x 8, two channels, master volume control, 16 effects, and a three-way toggle to assign effects to either channel or both.  The rear panel has send and return jacks, effects footswitch jack, line out, direct out, RCA Tape/CD input, and Tape/CD level controller. Channel has a dual XLR and 1/4″ input with phantom power, Volume control, and Bass and Treble EQ controls. Channel two adds a notch filter. Near mint condition. ON HOLD

USED Dean M-10 practice amp ​10 watts, 1 x 6.5, volume, treble, mid, bass, gain, headphone jack.

Nice condition. SOLD

USED Crate GX-1200H 100 watt amp head Reverb. Overdrive channel: gain 1 & 2, shape, low & high eq and volume.  Clean channel: low, mid, high, volume. Channel select and reverb footswitch input jacks, two speaker output jacks. $139

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