We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

USED 1970s Aria B-800 "Country Joe" 5-string acoustic/electric resonator banjo MIJ Mastertone style banjo with heavy, multi-ply maple rim, archtop tone ring, maple neck and resonator, wreath fingerboard inlay, planetary tuners, carved heel, clamshell tailpiece and chrome-plated hardware. Excellent set up with clear head. Upgraded with transducer pickup mounted on head. Straight neck, virtually no fret wear. Better than excellent condition. Includes hard case. SOLD

USED 1954 Gibson RB-100 5-string banjo ​(sn 4-885-8) Straight mahogany neck, minor fret wear, 11" maple rim with archtop tone ring, friction 5th string peg, maple resonator with sunburst finish and unusual (homemade?) D-tuners. The fingerboard, which originally had simple dot position markers, has been "upgraded" with additional inlays. Excellent player albeit with noticeable playing wear. Includes original Lifton hard case and extras. $1195 

USED 5-String Resonator Banjos

USED 1972 Chris Warner Mastertone 5-string banjo ​Bluegrass legend, Chris Warner, built this banjo from current Gibson factory parts at that time. Chris made the neck, which is expertly crafted to Gibson specs.

20-hole flathead tone ring, 3-ply maple rim, one piece flange, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and double cut peghead, 5-Star planet tuners and spikes at frets 7-10. Metal parts are chrome plated except arm rest, hooks and nuts which are nickel plated.  Chris' signature is inside rim, as is a Campbell's Music decal. Very nice set up with 5-star head and Scorpion bridge. Includes original Gibson hard case.(Was $2495)

Now $2095

USED 2013 Deering Eagle II resonator 5-string banjo ​Violin grade maple rim, Deering "Twenty-Ten" tone ring, two piece flange, dark stained maple neck and resonator, fancy engraved fingerboard and peghead inlays, gloss finish. Near mint condition and great set up. Includes deluxe Deering hard case. SOLD

Custom Richard Hite 5-string resonator banjo Perfect mating of a near mint 1970s Japanese-made pot assembly with a new mahogany neck, stained to match the color of the rosewood resonator. Aluminum rim with gold-plated tension hoop, planetary tuners, hooks, nuts and clamshell tailpiece. Fance m.o.p. fingerboard and peghead inlays. One of a kind and set up well. $495

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