NEW Recording King RK-R25BR resonator 5-string banjo  Madison Resonator 5-string banjo. 3-ply maple rim, maple neck and resonator. Tube and plate style 2-piece flange. Fan fretboard inlay. Hand-rubbed brown satin finish. Limited lifetime warranty. SOLD

USED 1970s Alvarez Silver Princess 5-string resonator banjo ​Tubaphone tone ring, mahogany neck , fancy rosewood pie section resonator, planetary tuners, chrome plated hardware and Renaissance head. Absolute like-new condition with great set up. Includes hardshell case. $525

NEW Recording King RK-R20 Songster resonator 5-string banjo Laminate maple rim. Mahogany resonator. Rolled brass tone ring. Kershner-Style tailpiece. Planetary tuners. Gloss finish. $499.99

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

NEW Savannah SB-100 resonator 5-string banjo  Laminate maple rim, mahogany neck & resonator. Geared 5th string peg. Gloss finish. $279.99

USED 2007 Gold Star GF-200 resonator 5-string banjo Heavy maple rim, highly flamed maple neck and resonator, Mastertone style tone ring, gloss sunburst finish, traditional hearts and flowers m.o.p. fingerboard inlays, Presto tailpiece and Snuffy Smith bridge. Better than excellent condition with a fresh set up. Fantastic player. Includes deluxe hard case. SOLD

USED 5-String Resonator Banjos

NEW Savannah SB-100L Left-handed resonator 5-string banjo  Laminate maple rim, mahogany neck & resonator, geared 5th string tuner. Gloss finish. $279.99

USED 1970s Vega (by Galaxy) resonator 5-string banjo Heavy tone ring, maple neck and resonator, stunning m.o.p. fingerboard and peghead inlay, planetary tuners, chrome plated hardware. Like new condition with excellent set up. Loud and piercing but not harsh or shrill at all. Includes hard case.​​ $995

NEW 5-String Resonator Banjos

USED 2007 Gold Tone CC-100R+ LH openback 5-string banjo (Left handed) 3-ply maple rim, maple neck, rolled brass tone ring, planetary tuners, straightline tailpiece, chrome plated hardware. Fresh set up. Very nice condition. Includes hard case. $349

USED Morgan Monroe MNB 4 DX Appalachia 5-string resonator banjo ​3-ply maple rim, cast brass Mastertone style tone ring, flamed maple neck and resonator, very colorful m.o.p. tree of life inlay on ebony fingerboard, planetary tuners, gold plated hardware. Immaculate condition with great set up. Includes hardshell case.  $895

NEW Deering Boston resonator 5-string banjo The lowest priced banjo in Deering's professional series. Nickel-plate steel rim, mahogany neck and resonator, ebony fingerboard with fancy seed and vine inlay. Includes deluxe hardshell case. $1999 

(Temporarily out of stock - call for estimated time of arrival)

USED 1950s Silvertone 5-string resonator banjo 

Made by Kay. Mahogany neck and resonator. Full flange, 5-star head, replacement tuners. Beautiful refinish. $275

NEW Savannah SB-110 resonator 5-string banjo Aluminum rim, mahogany neck & resonator, planetary tuning pegs, fancy m.o.p. peghead inlay, geared 5th string tuner. $349.99

NEW Deering Sierra 5-string Banjo 3-ply violin grade maple rim, maple neck and resonator. Deering -06- 20 hole bell bronze tone ring, one piece cast zinc flange, planetary tuners, fancy engraved inlays in peghead and fingerboard, satin finish. Includes Deering hardshell case. Lifetime warranty. Handmade in U.S.A. $2699

NEW Deering Goodtime Two resonator 5-string banjo Maple neck & resonator. Violin grade maple rim. Handmade in the U.S.A. $669

USED Mastercraft resonator 5-string banjo 11" wood rim, mahogany neck and resonator, planetary tuners. Hardly played, excellent plus condition and very good set up. $179

NEW Savannah SB-080 resonator 5-string banjo Laminate rim, nato neck & resonator. Guitar-style tuners, satin finish. $249.99

USED 1970s Aria Pro II 5-string resonator banjo Heavy maple rim with Mastertone style tone ring, one-piece flange, maple resonator and clamshell tailpiece. Maple neck with hearts and flowers m.o.p. inlay, planetary tuners and sliding 5th string capo. Excellent condition. Includes usable hard case.  $549

USED 1971 Alvarez Montana 5-Star resonator 5-string banjo Heavy maple rim, maple resonator and mahogany neck. One piece flange, gold plated hardware, fancy dot fingerboard inlays arranged in an eye-catching pattern, wooden arm rest, a clear head and sliding 5th string capo. Fine Mastertone style banjo in near mint condition. Includes case. $475

NEW Savannah SB-300 resonator 5-string banjo  Heavy maple rim, maple neck & resonator, Mastertone-style tone ring, planetary tuning pegs, full flange, fancy m.o.p. peghead and fingerboard inlay, geared 5th string tuner. $699.99

NEW Recording King RK-R35-BR Madison resonator 5-string banjo Mastertone style tone ring, maple rim, neck and resonator, full flange, bone nut, planetary tuners, fancy m.o.p. fingerboard inlays. Temporarily out of stock (Contact us for ETA)

NEW Gold Tone CC-50RP resonator 5-string banjo  Brass tone ring. Maple neck, mahogany resonator. Straightline tailpiece. Satin finish. Includes padded gig bag. $486.95

Custom Richard Hite 5-string resonator banjo Perfect mating of a near mint 1970s Japanese-made pot assembly with a new mahogany neck, stained to match the color of the rosewood resonator. Aluminum rim with gold-plated tension hoop, planetary tuners, hooks, nuts and clamshell tailpiece. Fance m.o.p. fingerboard and peghead inlays. One of a kind and set up well. $495

USED Recording King RK-R35-BR Madison resonator  5-string banjo Mastertone style tone ring, maple rim, neck and resonator, full flange, bone nut, planetary tuners, fancy m.o.p. fingerboard inlays. Absolute like-new condition. $775

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