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USED 2011 John Peterson fretless Appalachian mountain banjo (sn 152) Handmade in Todd, NC.  Stained maple, calfskin head, hand made friction tuners, Nylgut strings. $175

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

USED 5-String Openback Banjos

USED 1890 Charles E. Dobson Silver Chimes openback 5-string banjo Scarce model with heavy  11" spunover rim which incorporates two hollow tubes, one on each edge of the rim. 26" scale, mahogany neck, newer brass half fret ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay, matching hooks and nuts, modern planetary tuners and repro No-Knot tailpiece. Set up with calfskin head and Nylgut strings, but this neck can also use steel strings if preferred. Excellent condition. Includes hard case.​ (Was $1250) Now $995

USED 1922 Vega Special No. 2 openback 5-string  banjo (sn 54595) ​26 1/4" scale, mahogany-stained maple rim with rolled brass rod tone ring, mahogany neck, skin head, original hooks, nuts and tailpiece, upgraded with Gotoh planetary and geared 5th string tuners, spike at the 7th fret. Straight neck, very good frets, excellent condition throughout. Includes period, probably original hard case. $895

​​USED Gold Tone CC Carlin-12 openback 5-string banjo ​(sn 21808010) 12" maple rim with rolled bass tone ring, maple neck with 1 7/16" nut width, dual coordinator rods, frailing scoop and Renaissance head. Like new condition. SOLD