USED c. 1906 S.S. Stewart's Sons openback 5-string banjo ​Most likely made by Rettberg and Lange . Dowel is stamped with the number 309, which is most likely a model number. 10.75" spunover rim, approx. 26" scale, good quality calfskin head. Nylgut strings, mechanical friction tuners. Straight neck, good frets. Wooden 5th string tuner holds well. SOLD

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USED 5-String Openback Banjos

USEDc. 1882 Haynes Excelsior Model 212 ladies' openback 5-string banjo Almost certainly made by Buckbee. 9.25" wooden rim with rosewood veneer and fancy marquetry, 22.5" scale, calfskin head, friction pegs, flush fret walnut neck, Nylgut strings. Pictured at left is a page from the 1883 John C. Haynes catalog showing model 212. Excellent condition. SOLD

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