NEW Boucher-Style minstrel banjo Hand crafted by local banjo maker, Richard Hite. 14" walnut-stained maple rim and neck, goatskin head, ebony friction tuning pegs, brass tension hoop and hardware, Aquila Nylgut strings. $595

NEW Deering Goodtime openback 5-string banjo Handmade in the USA and the best selling USA-made banjo in the world. Violin grade maple rim. Maple neck, guitar-style tuners. $479

NEW Enoch Cherry Tradesman openback 5-string banjo with scoop ​USA-made, professional quality, no frills banjo. The neck's shape is designed to be similar to some of the early Dobsons. 12 inch maple rim, cherry neck, planetary tuners, Remo renaissance head, frailing scoop. Includes padded gig bag. $1335

USED Bell Boucher-style minstrel banjo Handmade in Terry Bell's shop in Michigan, this is a faithful replica of the type of fretless banjo made by William Boucher (pronounced Boo-shay) in the 1840s and '50s. 13" oak rim, maple neck, ebony friction tuning pegs, brass hardware and a goatskin head. Excellent condition. SOLD 

NEW Gold Tone CC-50 openback 5-string banjo Brass tone ring. Maple neck. Straightline tailpiece. Includes padded gig bag. $359.95

USED 1921 Fairbanks-Vega Tubaphone No. 3 5-string openback banjo 11 13/16" maple rim, bracket band, Tubaphone tone ring. Straight 3-piece mahogany neck with carved heel, minor fret wear. Torch inlay in peghead, original hooks and nuts and Presto tailpiece (modified for a 5-string). Upgraded with planetary tuners. Includes hardshell case. $2195

USED 1880s Unmarked fretless Minstrel-era openback 6-string banjo 

Most likely English-made. Flush fret, thin 11.5" rim, 25" scale, 10 brackets, bone tailpiece and ancient (probably original) skin head. All matching hooks, nuts and shoes. Nice, original banjo from the end of the minstrel era that's a good player. Includes the original case as well! (Was $695) Now $595

Here's a link to a Youtube video of banjo historian, Greg Adams, playing this banjo in our shop a couple of years ago:

USED 1990s Mike Ramsey 5-string openback banjo (sn 102) Early example by this renowned banjo maker when his shop was in Lebanon, Ohio, designed to have the bridge sit in the center of the head. 12" maple rim with flamed veneer, 25.75" scale, highly flamed maple neck, ebony fingerboard with characteristic shooting star inlay at the 5th fret and Saturn inlay in the peghead. 5-Star planetary tuners, No-Knot tailpiece, Fiberskyn head. Excellent condition. Includes hard case. SOLD

NEW 5-String Openback Banjos

NEW Deering Artisan Goodtime openback 5-string banjo The Artisan Goodtimes are Deering's latest Goodtime series, featuring a violin-grade maple rim, planetary tuners, a midnight maple fingerboard, spikes at the 7th, 9th and 10th frets, dark brown stain, fancy fingerboard inlays, as well as all the standard quality features found on every Goodtime model. We have models with and without frailing scoops in stock. Made in the U.S.A. $729 

USED 1910s Rettberg and Lange openback 5-string banjo Huge 28 3/8" scale, 12 1/8" double spun rim with 30 brackets, three-piece mahogany neck with beautifully carved heel, fancy abalone inlays in pehead and fingetboard, planetary tuners, replaced dowel stick, top frosted head and repro No-Knot tailpiece. Very slight neck bow, but still a good player. Includes a good quality hardshell case.​​ $525

NEW Savannah SB-060 openback travel banjo 19.75" scale length. Heavy maple rim with brass tone ring. This model is an excellent child's banjo. Includes padded gigbag. $249.99

USED Deering Boston longneck openback banjo 31" scale, 11" nickel plated steel rim, mahogany neck, planetary tuners, sliding 5th string capo, clamshell tailpiece, 5-Star top frosted head, fancy chrome plated arm rest. Very good player. Includes hardshell case. $1095 

USED 2012 Deering Sierra openback 5-string banjo  ​​This is one powerhouse of an openback! 11" 3-ply violin grade maple rim and mahogany neck. Deering -06- 20 hole bell bronze tone ring, planetary tuners, railroad spikes at the 7th, 9th and 10th frets, fancy engraved inlays in peghead and fingerboard, satin finish. Includes Deering hardshell case. Near new condition and great set up. (Was $1749) Now $1475

NEW Vega Senator by Deering openback 5-string banjo A Spun brass tone ring, ideal for Old Time, Classical, Folk, Civil War music, over 100 years of Vega tradition and Deering’s innovative approach to banjo crafting went into the creation of the Vega Senator model. The spun brass tone ring gives it a bright yet warm tone. The Senator has the time honored vintage Vega peghead profile, and a rich warm brown stained maple neck with adjustable truss rod and a 3-ply rim with dual coordinator rods. The hard, dense, naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard is inlaid with pearl dots, and a Vega star at the fifth fret. This open back Vega Senator has the ease of playability that all Deering banjos are noted for, and the light weight desired by many banjo players without sacrificing sound quality and sustain. Handmade in the U.S.A. Includes a Deering deluxe hardshell case. $1999 

NEW Recording King RK-0T25BR Madison 5-string openback banjo Maple neck with frailing scoop. 3-ply flamed maple/maple rim. Remo Fiberskyn head. Bone nut. Planetary tuners. Presto tailpiece. Limited lifetime warranty. $549.99

USED c. 1900 Unbranded Lyon & Healy openback 5-string banjo 11" spunover rim, 25.75" scale, light stained mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard. Tasteful combination of abalone and metal (copper and pewter) inlays. Fiberskyn head, planetary tuners, wire arm rest. Includes hard case. $349

USED 1910s Unbranded 5-string openback banjo Probably made by William Lange. Straight neck with great frets. 11" spunover rim, 26.5" scale, dark-stained mahogany neck, Grover friction tuners, Fiberskyn head, Elite tailpiece and fancy but delicate abalone fingerboard inlays. Excellent condition and set up. ON HOLD

Museum Quality Original

USED c. 1897 SS Stewart American Princess openback 5-string banjo (sn 17047) 10" spunover rim, 24.25" scale, ​cherry neck with elegantly carved heel, all original hooks and nuts with no signs of plating loss, Common Sense tailpiece with rosette, excellent set up with a top frosted head and nylon strings. Straight neck with no discernible fret wear. Repro Vega style arm rest added at some point. Funny, this banjo looks more like 120 days old than 120 years!​ SOLD

USED 1908 A.C. Fairbanks White Laydie No. 2 banjorine (sn 24361). Extremely scarce model with 10 3/4" maple rim, Whyte Laydie tone ring, 19 3/4" scale, 17 frets, exquistely hand engraved m.o.p. star and gryphon in the peghead as well as fingerboard inlays, bracket band, original tension tuning pegs and No-Knot tailpiece. New set up with Renaissance head, nylon strings and an NOS vintage Grover two-footed maple bridge. There are three replacement hooks and nuts, also of the same or older vintage as the banjo, that are close match to the originals. The tone is superbly sweet, penetrating and loud, as would be expected. No disappointment with his one! $3750

USED c. 1920 Orpheum No. 3 Special openback 5-string banjo (sn 13020) 27.25" scale, 11.25" maple rim with fancy marquetry and archtop tonering, maple neck with fancy heel carving, elaborate but delicate abalone inlays in peghead and fingerboard, gold-plated friction tuners with grained ivoroid buttons and all matching original closed ball-end nuts. Set up with Remo Renaissance head. Repro Vega-style armrest and No Knot tailpiece. Superb condition, nice straight neck and only very minor fret wear. Excellent player, nice set up. Includes a like new deluxe hardshell case.​​ SOLD

NEW Vega Old Tyme Wonder 12 openback 5-string banjo Deering's new Grand 12" violin grade 3-ply maple rim, scale length 26.25", maple neck, scooped ebony fingerboard, Fiberskyn head, No-Knot tailpiece, platery tuners. Includes deluxe hardshell case. Made in the USA. SOLD

NEW Savannah SB-070 openback 5-string banjo Maple rim mahogany neck, Remo Fiberskyn head. Geared 5th peg. $219.99

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
Please inquire if you're seeking such instruments.

USED c. 1920 Supertone 414  Dixie Wonder openback 5-string banjo Made by Rettberg & Lange for the Sears-Roebuck company. 11" spunover rim, 26.25" scale, 30 brackets, maple neck, well-fitting wooden friction pegs, Elite tailpiece, Remo Fiberskyn head and nylon strings. Exceptionally nice condition and fine set up. Includes nice featherweight case. $375

USED c. 1900 Acme Professional (S.S. Stewart) openback 5-string banjo 11" spunover rim, 27.25' scale, Common Sense tailpiece, Grover Champion tuners, fancy, highly iridescent m.o.p. fingerboard inlays, vintage calfskin head. 3 or 4 mismatched nuts, but they resemble the originals. New set up with nylon strings, which didn't make it in time for the photos. $595

USED 5-String Openback Banjos

USED c. 1900 Unbranded Lyon and Healy banjeaurine 12.25" spunover rim, 18.5" scale, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and vintage Rogers calfskin head. Nice, straight neck with great frets. Upgraded with planetary tuners, geared 5th string peg and repro Vega-style arm rest. Tailpiece is a brass minstrel-style by Mark Ralston. Fresh set up with nylon strings. $395

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