​​USED 1919 Gibson TB-0 tenor banjo (sn 11532-15) Early student model tenor. 20 7/8" scale, 10 1/2" rim with dowel stick and coordinator rod, original hardware, newly mounted Stern calfskin head. Neck is bowed but pot is excellent. Includes original hard case. $295

USED 1938 Kay Artist tenor banjo Handsome, Art Deco-styled with pearloid fingerboard, peghead overlay, heel cap and resonator inlay. 11" rim, 23" scale. Guitar style tuners, deep 2.5" resonator, calfskin head, Waverly flip top tailpiece. Exceptionally nice condition and set up well. Includes hard case. $395

USED 4-String Banjos

​​USED c. 1915 "S.S. Stewart" tenor banjo 11" maple rim with birdseye maple veneer, approx. 20 7/8" scale, slim 1 1/8" nut width. Straight neck, great frets, calfskin head. Quaint and rare early tenor banjo. Includes 1920s hard case. $249

USED c. 1925 Avalon plectrum banjo

Made (most likely) by Wm. Lange

Distributed by Henry Stadlmair

Rare, intermediate level plectrum with thick (11/16") 10 3/4" maple rim and Little Wonder style tone ring. Straight neck with great original frets. Approx. 26 1/4" scale. Elite tailpiece, calfskin head. Fresh set up. Includes nice hard case. $395

​​USED c. 1917-'20 Oscar Schmidt Sovereign tenor banjo 

Another fine example from the early tenor banjo era. 11" wooden rim with fancy marquetry all around, 21" scale mahogany neck, fancy abalone inlays. Tone ring is a rolled rod in a spun metal sleeve. Original hardware, including a No-Knot tailpiece and Grover Champion tuners. Set up with a very old calfskin head and a (probably original) simple maple bridge. Decent player. Includes period hard case. $375

USED 1937 B&D Silver Bell Serenader tenor banjo Professional level, pre-Gretsch B&D tenor. 11" rim, 23" scale, Oettinger tailpiece, Silver Bell tone ring. Originally nickel plated, the tension hoop, tone ring, tailpiece and flange have been chrome plated. Currently awaiting minor repair and set up. Includes hard case. $995

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
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USED 1966 Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell tenor banjo ​(sn 26020) 11" pearloid clad maple rim, approx 23" scale, 3-piece maple neck, archtop tone ring, Oettinger tailpiece. Fancy appointments throughout including engraved, multicolored inlays in fingerboard, pedghead front and reverse and resonator, gold plated hardware, pearloid tuner buttons and bright rhinestones in peghead. Nice player. Includes hard case. $995

USED 1930s Gretsch Broadkaster A tenor banjo (sn 1003) 11" metal rim with integral flange, 23" scale, friction tuners. Loud and bright!. Includes case. $225

USED 1926 B&D Silver Bell No. 1 tenor banjo ​(sn 21187) 11″ rim, 23″ scale, flamed maple neck with backstrapping and flamed maple resonator, f-hole flange, Grover geared tuners and Oettinger tailpiece. Straight neck, very minor fret wear. Very nice condition. Includes original hard case. $1149

USED 1911 Fairbanks-Vega Whyte Laydie tenor banjo ​(sn 28060) Scarce, early example of this professional model tenor. 10 3/4" maple rim with bracket band and Whyte Laydie (or more accurately, Electric) tone ring, approx. 20 7/8" scale, 3-piece maple neck with ebony fingerboard and engraved m.o.p. inlays, No-Knot tailpiece, engraved gryphon in peghead and 5-Star planetary tuners. Straight neck, great frets, exceptionally nice condition. Superb set up with Renaissance head and modern, two-footed ebony tipped maple bridge. Includes period (probably original) hard case. $1495

USED c. 1920 S.S. Stewart tenor banjo 20 1/2" scale, 11 1/2" maple rim with birdseye veneer and simple archtop tone ring, 3-piece maple neck, friction tuners, Elite tailpiece, good quality calfskin head and period arm rest. Straight neck with good frets. Decent player. Includes period hard case. $249

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