USED 1927 Gibson TB-2 tenor banjo (sn 8947-12) 21" scale, 11" maple rim, 18 frets, bound fingerboard, brass tone ring, hex flange, fancy fingerboard inlays, Grover patent tailpiece, calfskin head, friction tuners. Some fret wear, but a good player nonetheless. Original and in nice overall condition. Fresh set up. Includes original case. ON HOLD

USED 4-String Banjos

We usually have partially completed project instruments that are waiting for our attention.
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USED 1937 B&D "Weiser Special" Senorita tenor banjo (sn 35168) Professionally refretted. Maple rim and neck, pearloid covered rim and resonator, simple rod tone ring, Oettinger tailpiece, and super set up with Renaissance head. Pre-Gretsch, Groton made tenor in magnificent condition. Includes original case. SOLD

USED Gold Tone TS-250 tenor banjo 3-ply maple rim with bell brass Mastertone style tone ring and one piece flange, maple neck, mahogany resonator, planetary tuners. Excellent condition and set up. Includes hard case. $695  

USED c. 1923 Gibson TB-4 tenor banjo (fon 11531-15)

95-year-old time capsule 

Nearly 21" scale (which is the longer of the two tenor scale lengths offered by Gibson at this time). Unusual "Trapdoor" tenor with 11" double walled maple rim, three piece flamed maple neck, ebony fingerboard,  pearl nut, 3-star Rogers calfskin head, original tailpiece and original mandolin banjo-sized finger rest. These double wall rimmed banjos are usually openbacks, but this one has the TB-4 Cremona sunburst, celluloid bound resonator and early style Gibson nuts. Nearly new condition with excellent set up. Includes original green-lined case in superb condition. SOLD

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